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  • Automotive Industry

    The worldwide automotive market depends increasingly on a delicate balance of global supply networks for both OEM and aftermarket components. To meet consumer demands products must exhibit consistent color harmony. This requires accurate me...【Click Details】

  • Textile Industry

    New fabric applications depend on satisfying a wide range of consumer attitudes. Color is the essential component of this industry. Depending on fabric type and manufacturing source, specific colors can be difficult to replicate. 3nh provid...【Click Details】

  • Printing Industry

    Recent market research conducted by 3nh eflects four key areas of focus when it comes to color measurement and management: Quality Speed Flexibility As the global leader in color measurement and management, 3nh brings to the table best-in-c...【Click Details】

  • Medicine Industry

    We set the standard in the industry by offering the most reliable and accurate QC software and instrumentation available. Our densitometers and sensitometers are used to monitor film for quality control in radiology and mammography departme...【Click Details】

  • Plastic Industry

    Nanotechnology is driving applications for re-used and new forms of plastic to replace wood and metals. These new materials are often used in consumer applications that demand an array of complex colors to match emerging trends. 3nh offers...【Click Details】

  • Other industry

    Now industrial production many manufacturers like to use color detection tools to complete the color assessment and analysis, which is why it must be on the color boxes and color measurement of these colors testing of the instruments in ord...【Click Details】