T90-7 Adjustable Illumination LED Light Camera Color Viewer

  • T90-7 Color Assessment Cabinet(Figure 1) mainly consists of: observation box light box control panel dimming knob and handle for accurate color deviation check widely used in textile printing dyeing plastic pigment painting coati
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T90-7 Color Assessment Cabinet(Figure 1) mainly consists
 of: observation box, light box, control panel, dimming knob and handle, for accurate color deviation check, widely used in textile, printing, dyeing, plastic, pigment, painting, coating, photography and other areas.


The control panel is made up of a programmable text controller and PLC, which is more convenient for the operator to use. The light sources could be switched freely, and the screen can display the used times and time of each light sourceAll using times and time are able to be cleared.

Product Advantages: 

1. Unique International Design Appearance, combination of the characteristics of Verivide and X-rite light box.

2. 7 light source, 4 sets of LED light (Life up to 25000 times), 3 sets of fluorescent light source.

3. Display the use time and numbers of every light source.

4. Adjustable illumination light.

5. Automatic switch among light sources, with metamerism function.

6. No warm-up time or flickering which insures quick and reliable color judgment.

7. Economic power consumption and low heat generation for high light efficiency.

8. Name of light source can be changed, easy to add light.

9. Metal box, durable in use.


Product Details


Tilo T90-7 color light box is widely used in textile, toy, dye, plastic, pigment, painting, inking, printing, chemical, ceramic, leather, hardware, food etc industries. It can help check color fastness to visual assessment, color proofing, color difference and fluorescent material etc, and ensure these steps, sample, the production, quality inspection, check and accept to be done in the same standard light source. Accurate check the color difference for better color quality control, to improve product competitive.


1. Free maintenance for one year(except consumables like tubes damage or aging).
2. Please turn off the main power and unplug the ac power cord when maintaining.
3. If the wallboard baseboard and reflector stained with dust or fingerprints, mimeographs and other blots, please use a clean white soft cloth which contains little water or mild detergent to remove the dirt and allow it to dry naturally. Do not use hard objects scrape or chemical solvent to remove the dirt, so as not to damage the surface coating of the wallboard.
4. If the surface coating is damaged or discolored, it should be replaced.

T90-7 Adjustable Illumination LED Light Camera Color Viewer