Benchtop Color Haze Meter YS6002

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Benchtop Color Haze Meter YS6002
YS6002 benchtop color haze meter is developed by 3nh independently with proprietary intellectua property. This machine adopts transmittance optical geometry d/0 (diffused illumination, 0-degree viewing angle) which confirms to CIE 15 standard. It can also realized the the optical geometry 0/0 (parallel illumination, 0-degree viewing angle).  
YS6002 color haze meter uses 360~780nm composite full spectrum LED light source (which is closed to he spectrum of D65), and it can realize intervals 10nm spectrum by precision concave grating and 256 Image Element CMOS Sensor. Accordance with industry-standard, YS6002 will give the accuracy result for the measurement of haze, transmittance, chromaticity, color difference, WI, YI, Pt-Co Index andardner index etc. It's widely used in the field of glass processing, plastic processing, film manufacturing, display screen processing and packaging industry, liquid pharmaceutical analysis, laboratory etc.

a. High configuration for the handware: 7 inch capacitive touch screen,25000 data storage, with USD / Bluetooth data port.
b. With high optical configuration and resolution, 154mm integrating sphere, concave grating, 256 Image Element CMOS Sensor, dual light path;
c. Adopt 360~780nm composite full spectrum LED light source (which is closed to the spectrum of D65), which is low power consumption and long life time.
d. Easy realize the precision measurement for 3 kinds of light sources A,C and D65 for haze (ASTM D1003/1044), transmittance, Pt-Co Index and Gardner index.
e. Multiple measurement modes: quality control mode and sample mode to meet more customers’ requirement;
f.Independent light source detector and built-in temperature sensor will continuously monitor the change of light sources and environment to ensure the measurement more reliable.
g. Observer angle 2/10, multiple light sources, multiple color spaces, multiple chromaticity to meet different kinds of customers’ testing requirements.
h. Good man-machine interactive to ensure the measurement accuracy and stable;
i. More powerful extended functions at the PC software.


YS6002 benchtop color haze meter can be widely used in Tobacco,Tobacco Leaf Screening, Coating, Plastic, Ink, Textile, Food, Printing, Packaging, Paper, Medicine, Automobile, Medical, Metal, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Paint, Marble, Aluminum, Leather, Hardware, Wood Products, Building Decoration Materials, Coating Cloth, Other Non-Metallic Materials, Plating, Automotive Interior Parts, Toys, Printing and Dyeing, Pigments, Chemicals, Footwear, Spraying, Shoe Materials, Furniture, Electrical Appliances,Scientific Research Institutions, Laboratories, Etc.

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