Osram D65 TLD18W/965 light box tubes

  • D65 Tube Osram6500K TLD18W/965 MADE IN Germany Brand: Osram Origin:Germany Model: Osram 6500KTLD18W/965 Power: 18W Length: 60cm
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Osram D65 TLD18W/965 light box tubes  60cm made in  Germany

Osram TLD18W/965  are fluorescent tubes providing a good color rendering and high luminous efficiency.

Osram  D65 Light Source 6500K TLD18W/965 specification

D65 Tube Osram  6500K TLD18W/965 MADE IN Germany
Brand: Osram
Origin: Germany
Model:  Osram TLD18W/965  6500K F20T12 D-ECO
Power: 18W
Length: 60cm

Light Source Description

D65 Color light box tube: National standard daylight artificial light: As a common colour matching and assessment light source. Color Temperature: 6500K

3nh specializes in providing a variety of imported light sources (GE, Philips, OSRAM, VeriVide, GretagMacbeth, SYLVANIA): D65, CWF, UV, U30, TL84, F, A, HOR, TL83, D35, D50, D75, etc.


Textiles, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, ink, printing, paint, spray, chemical, ceramics, shoes, leather, hardware, furniture, electrical appliances, packaging, cosmetics and other industries and color management.


Perform visual assessment in the same standard light source and environment : such as color, color matching and assessment, proof colors accurately to ensure no deviation, reduce the loss caused by the color of the goods. And to ensure the quality of the color meet the requirements, thus increasing your company's reputation and goodwill.


D65 Tube Osram 6500K TLD18W/96

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