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New Product--VC-118-X camera test light box
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The VC-118-X camera test light box is a newly developed camera test light box by Shenzhen ThreeNH Technology Co., Ltd. This product can test cameras with different angles of view with the same chart. Built-in mobile slides make it easy to move the camera back and forth. The LED light source with high index finger, no stroboscopic, long life and stable color temperature is arranged in the light box. Users can move back and forth according to different situations and rotate the light source board left and right to get a more uniform lighting environment.
VC-118-X camera test light box mainly consists of: box, light source control box and bracket.
Product Specifications
1. Dimensions : length 1150mm * width 1045 * height 1728mm
2. The size of the box: length 1106mm * width 1001mm * height 800mm.
   Box window size: width 447mm * height 700mm
3. Connector mounting plate size : 250mm*150mm.
   Standard installation on the connector mounting plate: 1 RS232 connector, 1 AV holder, 2 USB connectors, 2 network cable holders, 2 DC seats, 1 pneumatic pipe quick connector PM06 connector.
4. The size of the light source control box (Figure 4): 508mm * 248mm * 131mm.
5. Operating environment: 0-40 °C, relative humidity below 85% (non-condensing).
6. Input voltage: AC22OV, 50/60Hz, maximum power consumption 160W.
7. Net weight: 130kg.
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