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  • What is Gloss ?

    What is Gloss ? Why use gloss meter ? Whats is gloss? Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects. Gloss is the attribute of surfaces that causes them to have shiny or lustrous, metallic or matte appearances. Gloss is a visual im......【Click Details】

  • What is a small aperture gloss meter?

    Small Aperture gloss meter is relative to conventional gloss meters.Small aperture -- means that such gloss meters have a measurement aperture that is smaller than Conventional 85° gloss meter measurement aperture is 5*36mm, while the small......【Click Details】

  • Color Basics Knowledge- Object Color Rendering

    Why use Color Rendering instruments ?We can see colorful colors during the day, but at night all objects turn black. How is the color presented? What are the factors related to? First of all, different objects will have different colors, so......【Click Details】

  • How to use a spectrophotometer measure solid colors?

    As we all know, there are ten million colors that we can distinguish. The quality criterion coloris becoming more and more important in every industry. Uniform color influence customers likes and dislikes. This is of particular important wh......【Click Details】