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What is a small aperture gloss meter?
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Small Aperture gloss meter is relative to conventional gloss meters. Small aperture -- means that such gloss meters have a measurement aperture that is smaller than Conventional 85° gloss meter measurement aperture is 5*36mm, while the small aperture gloss meter NHG60M measurement aperture only 1.5*2mm. So named small aperture gloss meter.
Use of a small aperture gloss meter: 
From the gloss meter detection principle, we can know that the detection of gloss is launching a steady light through the light source, then through the lens to the measured object and reflects the light through the measured object, the reflected light is reflected back to the sensor through the lens and filter,to measure the degree of gloss via the amount of reflected light received. This objectively requires that the path of light can not be interfered by the external light. The small aperture gloss meter is unique in that the measurement aperture at the bottom is smaller than the conventional one, and it can fit more closely when measuring the surface gloss of an irregular (curved) workpiece.
Small aperture gloss meter is now widely used in industrial production. Some special hardware and plastic workpieces, with curved surfaces, or smaller in size, can not be detected by a conventional gloss meter such as a car bridge deck, a car steering wheel surface, a curved operation console panel, and the anode strip of a relatively small phone .
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